This is how you start with Kindershake


Mix 25g powder with 250ml milk, yogurt, juice, soy milk or custard. Use a shaker or blender.

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Tip #1 — Give the first shake as a snack

Avoid introducing Kindershake at a time when they "have to" eat. Then there is no pressure to like it and drink it. Grab a quiet moment for the first shake as a snack.

Tip #2 — Don't panic if the first shake doesn't taste right

A first shake is not always a bull's eye. Fortunately, you can vary almost endlessly. There is always a shake that your child likes:

  • Vary with milk, yogurt, soy milk and juice as a base. You can mix it in anything;
  • Try the different flavors of Kindershake: we have Vanilla, Chocolate and Banana .

Tip #3 — Prepare the recipes (together).

With Kindershake you can prepare delicious recipes . Shakes, smoothies, pancakes, muffins, everything is possible. An ideal time to bond with your child as a parent. And at the end you have something that is tasty and healthy!